its finally happened guys, i lived for 22 years blissfully not understand how annoying dudes can be because i’m fat and not pretty. (there are bigger girls who are pretty but i’m not one of them)

and this week it all comes crashing down on me when the first guy to express his interest in me spent the entire time we hung out together trying to get me to change my mind, even though i already told him that i’m not interested in people enough for a relationship ever.

its disappointing because i thought he was a cool person and might want to be friends and instead he spent the time flirting with me and telling me how awesome i was and that life sucked because i wasn’t interested.

also the guy has known me for 2 days its impossible to like a person that much in two days.

I would express my love for certain male characters and he would say “oh so if i looked like _____, then you’d date me?”  it happened twice and i stopped commenting on characters because it was making me uncomfortable.

i don’t understand why, when i say a character is cute, adorable, hot, i mean it in a distanced way, like their cuteness and attractiveness has nothing to do with me. 

i guess normal people don’t understand my aromantic asexual-ness



Shoutout to Bioware for hiring four different actors to voice the Inquisitor in DA:I, which is more voice actors than Bethesda had for all of Skyrim. 

Plot Twist: Gideon Emery now voices half of Thedas

iamnotswarley asked: "GIF request! I'd like Hugh Dancy to act out a pineapple. Thanks! <3"



gif by jhnmclghln

we may be the only fandom with a gif an actor acting out a pineapple


Assassin’s Creed Rising Sun leaked images

finally an asian assassin!

also i’ve already played ac4 in japanese now i can play this one in japanese and it will fit!


I love these two dorks



shit he said i was “slightly adorable” over text i’m so fucked is he flirting? what do i do?

i think i just agreed to go out for dinner with a dude i met at a best buy mobile

sassmasterradaghost asked: "I want to see Mads trying to eat Hugh's arm"


imagegif by jhnmclghln

what is even happening in this image

i got the wifi working in the apt

this is the only benefit of interning for marvel i need

this is the only benefit of interning for marvel i need

I just saved like 100 bucks of comic prices. How am I going to get all these home

Anyone working in Midtown want to get lunch or something

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The kinks in the Hannibal fan dom are too much even for me. I love it but oh man

I got picked as an intern by the portfolio and resume I guess but the job is mostly graphic design that I have very little experience in and I’m terrified that my design sense is cap and it not up to par with what they want even though I’m trying as hard as I can. I just don’t have the experience for this sort of thing