if ur like, above the age of 26 and not on here for work reasons what are you doing with your life tbh

stuck at home unable to work because of chronic pain lol

being a massive ginormous failure at everything including life tbh


super love it when i come on tumblr to posts from friends rubbing it in that i’m a failure for not being a nine to five corporate worker, it’s awesome

Are adults not allowed to have leisure time or something…?

it’s like logan’s run but now with 300% more fandoms and feels

the good thing about being an artist is that your blog is for fun and profit.  i don’t think i want to be an adult who just goes to work, and then comes home to drink away my depression of getting stuck in a monotonous corperate hell.

ok so, for dramatical murder, can i just play up to the end of the common route on the original game and then switch to reconnect? or are they too different?

i have 3 mosiquito bits on my left knee (i probably got it from doing laundry in the middle of the night, the machines are in a garage like area)

and one of them has swelled up considerably.

and is itchy as hell.



i’m not even joking aki just showed me a fleshlight design that’s a literal slug

friends that look at fake animal dicks together … have some really strange hobbies and perhaps should consider getting new ones.

me and a good friend of mine browsed bad dragon’s ideas pages together

Expectations meet Reality: Mads Edition

i don’t know why but i’ve always thought of Mads Mikkelsen as a classy actor who only makes “films” and not “movies”.  It may just be that most of his movies are in another language and that just adds to the mystery.

when in reality he’s made some pretty trashy danish films and tv too.



My new Hannibal figure!!!  PART 1  PART 2


i’m pretty sure these kind of dolls all have to custom ordered and cost your arm




I just figured out how to download fic from AO3 directly to my kindle I am now drunk with power and gay porn

drunk with power and gay porn

I need that on a sticker. Possibly a t-shirt, but where would I wear it?





I think we all know who the ultimate Hot Dad is.


Chancell for radetzkymarch

Chancell for radetzkymarch

you know, the reason you can’t get americans into eurofootball is because half your post match review people on espn hate the sport and just complain about how stupid it is.  this is why all your commentators for espn during the world cup are foreign except for one dude.

if you just had a few more american commentators as passionate about EPL player trading as every seems to be about NFL draft picks, more people would share in the enthusiasm

i have ugly privilege because no one will accuse me of of being a fake geek girl, as i look like a neckbeard without the beard

do not exercise in the morning if you’ve not eaten anything and are prediabetic.

only hypoglycemia is  in your future

my trainer shoved an apple in my mouth before i was about to pass out and instantly everything became better

Flayr for @radetzkymarch

Flayr for @radetzkymarch

this is very nice but people need to stop sending me money without attacking their tumblr names because i don’t know who is who